For those who have already signed up for worship through Zoom, click HERE to get the link.
Click HERE for the SBC Limited Reopening Guidelines for Phase 1.
Due to the current lockdown, Salem Bible Church will be communicating more through online services such as our church website, social media, text, and email updates. Please regularly check your email so that you can stay informed.
Since some of you may have signed up for emails since the emails have been sent, we will post the information here:
Announcements sent through email on May 4:
  1. Virtual Ladies’ Meeting: Ladies are invited to join tonight through the church zoom link at 7pm for a sharing, a devotional thought, and some time in prayer. We hope many ladies can join!
  2. Bible Club: Bible Club this Thursday at 7PM will continue the story and lesson from the previous two weeks. If your child did not yet have a chance to view the Youtube lesson from last week, we encourage you to have them watch so they will be ready this week.  We will be using the same zoom link that we use for private services which may be accessed under the Events tab of the SBC website (parental supervision is required).
  3. Congregational Meeting. We will discuss and vote on certain issues connected with the long-term live-streaming of our services. We hope you can join us via the private zoom link after the morning worship service this Sunday if you are actively connected with our church.
  4. Mother’s Day. Morning Worship at 10:45am this Sunday will celebrate Mother’s Day. We look forward to this special day and hope God’s Word can encourage everyone–even those for whom the holiday is bittersweet.
  5. Majesty Hymnals: Some of you may not have noticed the announcement in the email from March 23 about the opportunity to pick up a hymnal. If you would still like a hymnal, we have plenty at our home. Local regular church attenders may contact me about picking one up. Please limit one hymnal per household.
  6. College & Career Bible Study: We have added the link to access the College and Career Bible Study to our list of zoom links. This Bible study meets Tuesdays at noon.
  7. Coronavirus Tract: You may download the coronavirus tract from our church website under the announcement tab.
Announcements sent through email on April 28:
  • Youth Club: We have added the zoom link to our church website for our Youth Club with Pastor Ben (ages 9 – 18). Youth Club meets Wednesdays at 7:15pm via Zoom.
  • No Bible Club this week: For this week only, Bible Club will not meet, but parents can have their child watch a lesson continued from last week in order to be ready to answer questions for review next week. The link to the lesson is HERE.
Announcements sent through email on April 22:
  1. Tonight’s Classes: We hope to pray and study with you this evening for prayer meeting at 6PM and our regular adult and teen classes at 7:15PM!
  2. Messages: Resurrection messages are up on our church website as well as other messages, if you would like to listen.
  3. Bible Club: Bible Club this Thursday at 7PM will teach truths from God in two parts (a story that teaches Justification, as well as a story through Scripture doodling). We will be using the same zoom link that we use for private services which may be accessed under the Events tab of the SBC website (parental supervision is required).
  4. Future Services: Be praying for God’s guidance on when and how to reconvene as a congregation. Pray for wisdom for the board as they meet remotely this Saturday.
Announcements sent through email on April 7:
  1. Passwords. Please do not share meeting passwords. For questions regarding this or if there is someone you would like to invite who does not have Facebook, please contact us. While we don’t want to turn anyone away, we are being careful in order to ensure that we have enough slots for the brethren of SBC and sister churches, that everyone’s privacy is protected, and that all feel free to share during times of prayer and fellowship. We are also actively uploading message audio to the church website and anyone may be directed there to listen to completed sermons.
  2. Email Buddy. Some of you who get these emails may be asked to help communicate the information in the emails with people who do not have email. We want everyone to know what’s coming so that we can worship together and encourage each other. Thus, you may be asked to help a buddy.
  3. Bible Club. Please check the calendar on the church website for details on how to prepare your child for Bible Club this week and next week.
  4. Good Friday Service. Our Good Friday service will feature the Seven Sayings of Christ on the Cross by 7 different speakers from sister churches. ‘Join us’ April 10 at 6pm. A worship guide for this service will be included in the Resurrection Sunday Kit.
  5. Resurrection Sunday Kits. Even though we can’t celebrate His resurrection in person, we want to include physical elements of communion to give us a sense of true communion as a body of believers. [Instructions to obtain a kit are listed in the email.]
Announcements sent through email on April 3:
  1. Easier Login Password. We now have a new page on our website under our Events tab with the information for virtual SBC services listed right there! Anyone regularly connected with Salem Bible Church may receive the password for this page via email. The information is password-protected for various reasons. Contact the church if you would like to know more.
  2. Ladies’ Prayer. Ladies are invited to a special time of prayer together this Saturday at 2pm using the church zoom link (see #1). Contact Heather DeMar if you have questions or if you are unable to join but would like to share a prayer request.
  3. Pastor Hixson of Athens Bible Church will be our special speaker for Morning Worship this coming Sunday. Please make plans to tune in.
  4. Good Friday Service. Our Good Friday service will feature the Seven Sayings of Christ on the Cross by 7 different speakers from sister churches. Join us April 10 at 6pm.
  5. Resurrection Sunday Service Kit. We will not be able to celebrate together in person this year, but we want to create as much of a sense of togetherness in celebrating Christ’s Resurrection as we can! Thus, we are planning to make Resurrection Sunday Service Kits available for those who live locally. They will include materials for communion as well as an order of worship with song sheet(s). Details for how and when the kits will be available will be sent through email, so make sure if you are regularly connected with us that we have your email address!
Announcements sent through email on April 1:
  1. Easier Login for virtual services. Our services all use the same Zoom Login (with the exception of Youth Club and Youth Sunday School). However, we know that it may not be easy to track down the original email you received with the Zoom Login (the email’s subject was ‘Information on Virtual Services’). Thus, we wanted to let you know that one thing we are working on is a private login on our church website Home page that would take you directly to the link without making the link available to the public. We are working on this option and will update you when we can.
  2. Good Friday Service? We have a Good Friday service possibly in the works for April 10. Please check the calendar for updates.
  3. Bible Club. Please use the regular church link (search email for ‘Information for Virtual Services’) to have your child join the Bible Club this coming Thursday. Also check the event details to find out what you need to prepare for a craft and new song for Bible Clubs on April 9 and 16.
  4. Giving. During the quarantine, if you desire to continue your regular giving to SBC, we have added a page on our website for this purpose:
Announcements sent through email on March 28 (edited):
  1. Please be patient with us as we continue to try to use both Zoom and Facebook livestream. We know that you have experienced problems and we’re trying our best to get everything running as smoothly as possible. It’s not always our fault as the internet in general is more loaded down these days. We are still looking into additional options as well.
  2. We plan to continue services on our regular schedule and you can check our Events page for details on specific events. If you would like to zoom, use the same zoom code that was emailed to you last week (search for email entitled ‘Information for Virtual Services’). That information will remain the same.
Announcements sent through email on March 24 (edited):
  1. Upcoming Events. We’ve put more effort into adding events to our church website calendar for the upcoming weeks with details of how to join our services virtually. We will use the calendar as a central hub for event planning and updates, so check there regularly.
  2. Bible Study Partner (virtual). If you would like the pastoral staff to help match you with a Bible study partner within our church, please contact Pastor Ben DeMar ( (This option includes the possibility of reading a commentary, biography or some book on the study program with someone.)
  3. Resurrection Sunday. Please pray for the pastoral staff as they seek creative ideas to celebrate Resurrection Sunday if the stay-home policy is still in place.
  4. You can still give us feedback on your experience so far with virtual services. Please click HERE to fill out a brief, one-page survey.
Announcements sent through email on March 23, 2020 (edited):
  1. Fellowship. An option to fellowship after livestreaming has stopped is available. Please contact Heather DeMar for more details (
  2. Hymnals. One hymnal per household is available for locals. Please contact Pastor Ben for details (
  3. Prayer requests or needs. Please email Pastor Doug DeMar ( if you have any prayer requests or needs.
  4. Give us feedback on your experience so far with virtual services. Please click HERE to fill out a brief, one-page survey.